About the Blog

Update- 23/01/2020

This blog started as a place to put my spare thoughts, for organization is not always my strongest aspect. Several computers and hard drive transfers down the line, the folders-in-folders tree of data was getting pretty wild.

Then came 2016. I, as of time of writing, live in the States. Putting these facts together should tell you much of what you need to know.

I have never been particularly quiet or shy about my political beliefs, especially on such apparently controversial topics as human rights. As a result, I threw myself into a lot of research and protest action, and that kind of killed a lot of the energy that I was using for my creative writing and managing this blog.

Enter early 2020, and I am still low on energy, but this is going to be one hell of a year, one way or another. So, I figured, why not pick up the blog again? At the very least, I can become the butt of the old internet joke about us dang Millennials live-tweeting the apocalypse. Beyond that, who knows?

I am making a conscious decision to keep the blogs format as it is. Organization is done by tags, but I will not be separating my political commentary from my creative projects and musings. Art is inherently political, and if my readers would prefer to believe otherwise, there are plenty of other corners of the web for such people. This is not one of them. This blog is openly anti-fascist, socialist, LGBTQA+, and pro-human rights. That’s not going to change just because I may occasionally post about whatever speculative fiction world is currently buzzing around my brain.

If none of that’s a problem, welcome. Pull up a chair. Fight the power.  And most of all, thanks for reading.



This is to be a snapshot of my personal headspace open for public viewing. I make no promises as to the content, save that it will be truthful as I see it.

One day it may be a serious discussion about events that have shaped me into the person that I currently am.

Another it might be a small fantasy piece that I write based on a half-remembered dream.

Yet another I might spew a rant over current events.

Whatever the day, the content will be a truthful account of my perception of that content. We all get enough fake smiles and civility in our daily lives that I don’t really need to contribute more here.

Welcome to reality, as I see it.

P.S. A warning for those editors among my readers. I am fond of writing flow of consciousness. As a result, my sentence/paragraph structure may not always be “Oxford perfect,” but frankly, that’s me. The various style guides that I’ve been forced to read over the years have washed over me like a light rain, and I have quickly dried out. They are perfectly fine for graded and peer-reviewed papers, but it just won’t cut it for a representation of the inner workings of my noggin.