About the Blog

This is to be a snapshot of my personal headspace open for public viewing. I make no promises as to the content, save that it will be truthful as I see it.

One day it may be a serious discussion about events that have shaped me into the person that I currently am.

Another it might be a small fantasy piece that I write based on a half-remembered dream.

Yet another I might spew a rant over current events.

Whatever the day, the content will be a truthful account of my perception of that content. We all get enough fake smiles and civility in our daily lives that I don’t really need to contribute more here.

Welcome to reality, as I see it.

P.S. A warning for those editors among my readers. I am fond of writing flow of consciousness. As a result, my sentence/paragraph structure may not always be “Oxford perfect,” but frankly, that’s me. The various style guides that I’ve been forced to read over the years have washed over me like a light rain, and I have quickly dried out. They are perfectly fine for graded and peer-reviewed papers, but it just won’t cut it for a representation of the inner workings of my noggin.