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This week is kind of getting away from me, as the fact that this post went up on Sunday rather than Saturday. The reason is that I have been focusing on writing for other projects that I have been deeply involved in. While I do enjoy writing this blog, I’ve also been writing fictions for a fan-run game of Legend of the Five Rings, that have currently breached 30k words in length over the few months that I have been writing them

Legend of the Five Rings is an absurd sprawling game setting of the “Not Quite Fantasy Japan Samurai Drama” sort. It really deserves a post of its own, so I’ll likely do just that next week. However, for the moment, I leave you a link to the project, if you care to read.

Winter Court 5

A warning for the uninitiated: Legend of the Five Rings is a ridiculously huge setting with literal years of writing about it. As such, these writings are full of jargon. It is completely OK if you do not get them.

Heck knows I sometimes don’t, and I write them.


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