The Beginning

Hello there.

It is a recurring theme in literature that I have read that, when describing an immortal character, the author will make some comment to the effect of “When the universe ends, they will be the ones who turn off the lights on the way out.”

Well, this is the start.

I don’t claim to be immortal (often), but one doesn’t exactly need to know the end of the story to open the book to the first page. This is me, opening the door and flicking on the light. The beginning of the universe, at least as far as this tiny section of reality is concerned.

What is to be here?

Me. Doesn’t really matter what portion or part, strict definitions are the domain of the deductive. As you can clearly read, this is the inductive reality. The slice of uncertainty that makes definitive answers impossible.

In other words, I don’t know exactly what the result of this blog will be, and I can’t know until it happens. However, I can indeed make an educated guess.

As a good friend of mine put it recently, I have things to say. These will be true things, bits of the world as I perceive it. They may be serious, silly, outrageous, hilarious, or downright weird depending only on the state of mind that I was in when I committed these sections of my thought process to writing. They may range from bits of my personal philosophy, to opinions I have about world events, to geeky things that excite me to an extreme and possibly undignified degree.

They will all be true, however. The realities of the world that we all inhabit mean that the social face we put forward is often a mask that truth hides behind. In this case, consider this blog a mask made of glass. Completely see-through for any who care to look. I can’t promise that we will always agree, or that I will make sense, or that you, dear reader, will even like what you see behind the mask.

And that’s okay. I’m not here to preach, be a guru, or claim that I’ve got it all figured out. I really don’t. The whole point of inductive logic is that all your known variables can be true and you can still arrive at a false conclusion.

I know that x=y, and 2y=z. Therefore, 2x should equal z. I can say that, in all likelihood, it is highly probable that 2x=z. The world, on the other hand, involves so many unknowable variables at any given time that it is never that easy.

I don’t know everything. I know X. I know Y. I can’t for the life of me know why 2x=Salmon.

That’s life. So I’m no life coach, selling a product made of two-penny wisdom and clapping for pixies. I haven’t got this crazy whirlwind ride figured out more than the next person, but I have learned some things that work for me.

And I have things to say. If I only make one other person per post think about something, then this has been a worthwhile venture.

If the concept of getting a closer look at the inner workings of my head is intriguing, if my life experiences can somehow give you a new perspective on something in your own life, or even if you’re just here for the geekiness, I welcome you. If you are here for some reason other than the above, I welcome you. If you are here just to be welcomed, I welcome you.

Let’s turn on the lights.