Under Renovation

Hey! So, uhhhhh. It’s been nearly two years since my last post here. However, I’ve recently been reminded that having a place where people can go to see my stuff could be useful. So, I thought I’d drop by.

I’ve added a new Category, Old Content, for things written before 2019. A lot of it is old, unfinished projects, some of it is political surrounding the 2016 election hell, some of it is personal philosophy that may or may not still be held. I dunno, I’ve not gone back and read it all.

Point is, until I find time to put some work into this page, the information will probably be out of date, and I can’t vouch for if the links in the old posts are still valid. This space can very much be considered a work in progress.

But hey! You’ve found it. I hope that means you’ve read and enjoyed some of my work. Stick around, if I manage to get this space up and running again, there’ll be more where that came from!