About the Author

Update 23/01/2020-

Hey all, still Sean, still human (as far as you know). Going to be 27 in a few days, other than that, not much has changed. Still doing theater, still geeky, more openly political these days, but what else is new. Still uncertain how much I will use this space, but hey, at least I’m writing!



Hi, I’m Sean Fisk.

I am a human being. Shockingly, this condition has been known to have serious side effects, like forming opinions about things!

This is my blog, or BLAHG! as I am fond of calling it. Amusing misspellings that are phonetically correct are a thing that I have been known to appreciate.

As of writing this, I am a 23 year old college graduate with a BS Theater degree. I know, I know, laugh it up.

I could write a lot of things here that would aid in the defining of what I am. How I am a Lighting Designer, for example, or the fact that I am an avid gamer of the tabletop variety, or even that I constantly have more books than I do bookshelf space.

A lot of what, not so much about who.

That’s where the blog comes in. For a while now, I’ve been writing things that I think down, as when my mind is moving at what feels like 1000 MPH, my memory about those random thoughts isn’t always the greatest. Occasionally, these thoughts would end up on Facebook, which is kind of a terrible platform for long-form rambles. They were appreciated by those who read them, but weighing average likes/comments compared to my short thoughts or humor posts, most people would see “Continue Reading” and TLDR along on their merry way.

So, I now start a blog. People expect such long-form nonsense here, and sure, not as many people might read it, but I will be putting those thoughts out there.

So, if you want to know the who of the author, stick around and start reading. Who knows, I may do an AMA at some point (Ask Me Anything). That would probably speed the “who” along.

In any case, I have things to say. This is where I will say them.